Allow Your Greatness To Transcend All Boundaries

We often have the desire to achieve greatness but we allow the boundaries of our circumstances and environment to hinder us.  That does not have to be the case.  Be inspired by the story of Lawrence Perkins, a young man growing up in one of the roughest housing projects in the nation.  Follow his story of self discovery as he overcomes gang involvement, drugs and academic deficiencies through the help of inspired mentors.  You will walk away knowing that you were also created to achieve your God given destiny and help someone else achieve theirs.

About Lawrence Perkins M.Ed.

Lawrence Perkins is a speaker, educator, ordained minister, and pastor. He currently serves as the Culture Compliance Coordinator for the Uno Charter School Organization.  Read more about Lawrence here.
As a teacher, I believe that Lawrence Perkins' strongest characteristic is diligence.  In every action he takes, he is diligent to stick with it until he achieves success or becomes the best that he can be.  Lawrence's diligence is what his peers saw and why they followed him.

Odis Gene Richardson - Teacher, Administrator, Counselor, Student Activities Coordinator, Debate Coach
What Others Are Saying....
Lawrence has always been a prolific speaker and had the profound ability to captivate and mesmerize his audience with thought-provoking ideas.  He has the innate ability to inspire and motivate others to think outside the box and reach high for their dreams and aspirations. 

Larry J. Thomas, Ed.D. - Former High School English Teacher, Principal Emeritus, Edward Coles Language Academy and South Shore High School

As an educator and administrator, Lawrence Perkins displays enthusiasm and calmness in the most difficult situations.  Time after time, he finds a way to excel under unacceptable conditions.  He is indeed the definition of a certified problem-solver.

Dr. Emiel Hamberlin - Biology and horticulture teacher at DuSable High School, Inductee - National Teachers' Hall of Fame
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